Next generation fasteners and nut plates for dramatic reduction in maintenance time

Enduralock is a Kansas small business that has 2 categories of products: 1. Mechanically locking, high vibration resistant permanent fasteners, that for maintenance are reversible and reusable with a standard hex socket: They remain locked even with total loss of preload (clamping force), can withstand extreme environments, and can be re-tensioned. In vibration testing, they survived 10x the aerospace requirement for a self-locking nut. Through sponsorship from Boeing and Bell Helicopter, Enduralock attained 3 National Aerospace Standards (NAS9936, NAS9937, and NAS9938), and 2 other Standards are in process. The US Army purchased Enduralock fasteners for ballistics testing. They can be applied with a reduced preload (clamping force) and remain locked, so the prediction is an increased blast force survival. Enduralock scaled the fastener to a No.4 – No.10 size through a US Air Force Phase I SBIR. This eliminates the need for safety wire and castle nuts in missiles, satellites, and spacecraft/aircraft. A mechanic can typically safety wire 10 fasteners per hour. In that time, over 300 Enduralock fasteners can be installed. 2. Self-aligning nut plate: It is the only nut plate that will engage an axially off-axis bolt and self-align during tightening. The axially spring-loaded design allows for a fixed position bolt retaining ring, which greatly reduces the chance of breakage and FOD (foreign object debris). The self-aligning feature greatly reduces maintenance times for large aerospace access panels, and it is ideal for OSAM (On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Maintenance). ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) approved Enduralock’s nut plate for capsule to base ring attachment for manned flight. Through an Air Force Phase I SBIR, Enduralock developed a mechanically locking version that is magnetically unlocked (all other nut plates rely on friction to retain the bolt to the nut plate when it is tightened). It is ideal for high vibration applications.

Representative Contact: 
Harold Hess -
(913) 214-9911