Robotic Fiber Optic Inspection, Integrated Cleaning, and Automated Reporting

The FiberQA Automated Visual Inspection Tool (AVIT™) enables a robotic inspection, integrated cleaning, and automated evaluation and reporting of fiber-optic ferrules and fibers contained within military circular connectors (AVIT-RH) and blind-mate backplanes (AVIT-BP). The long-working distance optics positions over each ferrule and captures a focused, high resolution image and evaluates the cleanliness based on an established standard – either IEC or user-defined – and ultimately displays a PASS or FAIL. Depending on user-settings, the system will automatically extend an integrated dry-contact cleaner to wipe away all contaminants. At the conclusion of this cleaning cycle, the system automatically re-inspects and displays Pass or Fail. Once complete a searchable report is generated and saved, or electronically transferred. The benefits of the AVIT system are substantial: 1) significant cost savings in time (6x to 40x faster), 2) reduction in required personnel (truly a 1 person job), 3) allows technicians to perform other tasks while eliminating human error and subjectivity often attributed to technician skill level, or fatigue, 4) mitigates damage and recontamination of parts while delivering reliable, repeatable, and reproducible results, and 5) records data and creates reports that facilitate upper level review of critical failures and long term documentation of the fiber optic health. FiberQA, LLC is a privately funded small business employing 20 highly technical personnel at its 5,000 square foot facility in Old Lyme, CT. Since 2012, FiberQA has created, developed, tested, manufactured, and supported several innovative products designed to inspect, clean, and report the health of fiber optic components and end-faces. FiberQA products support a wide range of commercial, aviation, and defense customers.

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